Satellites News · Winter Sports Guidelines

In response to Governor Eric Holcomb’s Executive Order that will take effect on Monday, Nov. 16, South Central Sr. Jr. High School and Elementary School will institute the following guidelines that will take effect for all athletic contests beginning Nov. 16:

  1. Concession stands will be closed.
  2. No food or drink may be brought into any athletic contest. Only participants will be allowed drinks.
  3. Game attendance will be limited to (2) parents and/or guardians of participants and school aged dependent siblings (with their parent/guardian).
  4.  All coaches, spectators, game workers, and players not actively participating in the contest are required to be masked at all times.
  5. Family units may sit together but must be socially distanced from other family units.

Home games will be live streamed for the rest of the season. They are currently being streamed on the Satellites Athletics Facebook page.

These new guidelines will remain in effect until further notice.

South Central Jr. Sr. High School, and Elementary School would like to impress upon all of our community and school members the importance of following all social distance guidelines. Wearing a mask, limiting your contact with others, and practicing frequent and proper personal hygiene are the simplest, yet most effective ways you can help us continue to have a winter sports season.